Inter-Credit group hold 2017 annual meeting in Qingdao

Qingdao team of Inter-Credit group held the football match with regional managers in 19th April, 2017. As a result, Qingdao team won by a narrow margin. The friendly football match motivated each member to cooperate positively and everybody all felt the power from the teamwork. 

Each regional manager did the report in 20th April, 2017, which including that each manager made the score aimed at the previous performance and set the goal for 2017 year according to the OKR management system.

In the morning of 21st April, 2017, manager Li and other two vice presidents from the strategic center and the principal of promotion center summarized past experience and made the plan for the future. Meanwhile, they analyzed the potential challenge and made the development direction and the goal clear. In the afternoon, four managers from Jinan, Wulumuqi, Zhengzhou ang Huhehaote separately shared the special and excellent management experience during the management procedure. Each regional manager listened carefully and discussed positively problems that they faced in their district with spokesperson in the question and answer section. Finally, we were so honored inviting our customer of Xingye bank and they put forward the new expectation for the Inter-Credit group in 2017.

 We worked together through 2016, which has made fruitful result. Every member paid efforts here, Inter-Credit group has issued five categories of awards to encourage everyone. Each awarded regional manager has made a speech and indicated that they are confident for the future challenges they would face.

Inter-Credit group had a training for the management process in 22nd April, 2017. All regional managers for the management procedure has a clearer management thoughts. After that, the people who had participated the training all shared the harvest in this session.



Everyone worked together in 2016, which is the victory of everyone. Look forward to the future, Inter-Credit group adheres to make the steady progress combined with the method of summary and reflection. The new year is pregnant with new hope and new glory. Every employee is full of passionfor work. This passion first comes from the love of the job. People who are passionate about their work will spontaneously create a sense of responsibility that will make every employee regards their work as a kind of exercise, treating difficulties as a chance and a challenge. Second, everyone decided to continue to develop the spirit of teamwork. At the same time, everyone in the team and each department will continue to stand in a common position to think and solve the problem when in cooperation. We will still have the tolerance and understanding attitude to treat different views in the cooperation. In a word, we will work together and create greater glory continuously.


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