TCM Group International is a long established global alliance of carefully selected and strategically placed debt collection agencies and specialized law firms. Its mission is to provide worldwide quality debt recovery solutions through local presence. Money knows no borders. Neither do we. Whatever the problem, we solve it professionally, effectively, locally.


Algeria;Argentina;Aruba;Australia;Austria;Azerbaidjan; Bahamas;Bahrain;Bangladesh;Barbados;Belgium;Belize;Benin; Bermuda;Bolivia;Bosnia-herzegovina ;Botswana;Brasil; Brunei Darussalam ;Bulgaria;Burkina Faso ;Cameroon;Canada; Central Africa Republic;Chad;Chile;China ;Colombia;Congo; Costa Rica ;Croatia;Cuba ;Cyprus;Czech Republic;Denmark; Dominican Republic ;Ecuador;Egypt;Equatorial Guinea;Estonia; Ethiopia;Fiji;Finland;France;Gabon;Georgia;Germany; Ghana;Honduras;Hong Kong;Hungary;Iceland;India; Indonesia;Ireland;Israel;Italy ;Ivory Coast(Cote D’lvoire); Jamaica;Japan;Jordan;Kenya;South Korea;Kuwait; Latvia;Lebanon;Lithuania;Luxembourg;Macedonia;Malaysia; Malawi;Mali;Malta;Man (Isle of) ;Martinique(French);Mauritania; Mauritius;Mexico;Moldavia;Mongolia;Morocco;Myanmar; Namibia;Netherlands;New Zealand ;Nicaragua;Nigeria;Norway; Oman ;Pakistan ;Panama ;Niger;Papua New Guinea ;Paraguay; Peru ;Philippines ;Poland ; Portugal ;Puerto Rico ;Qatar ;Reunion (French) ;Romania ; Russian Federation ;Salvador (El Salvador) ;Samoa;Saudi Arabia ; Senegal ;Serbia & Montenegro ;Singapore ;Slovak Republic ; Slovenia ;Solomon Islands ;South Africa ;Spain ;Sri Lanka ; Sudan ;Swaziland ;Sweden ;Switzerland ;Syria ;Taiwan ; Tanzania ;Thailand ;Togo ;Trinidad and Tobago ;Tunisia ; Turkey ;Uganda ;United Arab Emirates (UAE) ;United Kingdom ; United States of America (USA) ;Uruguay ;Venezuela ;Vietnam ; Yemen ;Zambia

Proven Quality

In changing world markets experience is everything. TCM Group delivers superior recovery results to creditors worldwide since 1987 and is the choice of top multinational corporations demanding global quality service. The annual TCM Group Quality Survey, and a chain of well-extablished personal relationships, assure first-class quality service, tailored to suit individual needs and requirements, irrespective of geographical location.

Global Reach, Local Presence

With representation in more than 100 countries, TCM Group has a truly international reach to facilitate debt recovery wherever your debtor may be located. But while our capacity for recovery is global, all claims would be initially forwarded to one centralized location near you and then distributed to the TCM representatives in closest proximity to your debtors. TCM Group is near its clients and near its debtors, providing informed, unified and effective collection strategies, geared towards the effective recovery of your accounts.

Worldwide Expertise

Different ways of doing business, various legal systems and distinct cultures bring about many challenges when collecting international debt. TCM Group bridges the differences with its well-established and local debt recovery network. To futher ensure quality and regional expertise, it carefully selects and appoints group directors and regional officers from all continents. Since a global team’s performance is only as good as its communication, managers from around the globe gather in Annual General Meetings Held at changing international locations.

International Debt Recovery Litigation

In circumstances where legal action becomes the only avenue to compel a debtor to meet its obligations, TCM Group can facilitate an expedient and cost effective course of action. Our members’ expertise, and their strong familiarity and understanding of local law and the applicable court eyetem, are clear advantages when it comes to undertaking litigation and recovering debt as quickly as possible.

Services Provided:
International and Domestic Debt Collection
Skip Tracing & Asset Location
Debt Purchasing
Receivable Management
Industries Served:
Commercial and Consumer
International Trade
Bank & Insurance
Medical & Healthcare
Hotel & Travel
Government & Diplomatic Institutions
Media & Telecom
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