Company Philosophy

Inter-credit set up an inverted pyramid-style organizational structure creatively. Support center, regional manager, team leader and front-line legal personnel are all achieved the functional changes, emphasizing responsibility and service. Qingdao headquarters changed its name into support center in 2015, which means that Qingdao headquarters converted into functional support center including eight functional departments--strategic center, customer center, promotion center, data center, information repaired center, brand market center, financial center, human resource center.


 The support center provides service and support for the each region and front-line legal personnel from bottom to top. Inter-credit stimulates the staff via endogenous power to achieve outcome instead of exerting pressure or giving detailed requirements to the staff. Regional managers are also transformed into the role of the service, considering more from the front-line staff point of view to help employees achieve their goals and self-worth and success. We believe that only do each employee in each group achieve their success, the success of each group in a region would achieve the success of this region. Only did each controlled corporation achieve their success, Inter-credit could achieve own success and ultimately achieve the success of customers. Your success is our success!







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