China company credit reports

With the authorization letter, our reporters collect and confirm credit information of the subject company via interviews at site visit, besides sourcing information of the subject company from official and public sources and the media, and from interviews by phone calls to its related parties. Our senior credit analysts, familiar with both domestic and international finance, commercial law and regulations, will give the precise credit ratings and recommendations of credit limit upon our sophisticated models developed for years.


Financial institutions can use the reports from the third party to assess the creditability of the credit appliers, thus to reduce the financial risks.

Credit insurance companies, international traders and credit grantors can use the reports to assess the creditability of the buyers, thus to avoid trade risks.


Funds and capital management companies can use the reports to study the creditability and development trend of the target companies, thus to avoid risks in investment.

Our features

Site Visit: With our well-established national networks, we can visit the subject company at site to collect and confirm its credit information, according to the requirements of clients.

High Speed: The procedure can be speed up utilizing vehicles in our branches and investigator’s input terminal devices connected with the server in our headquarters. The investigation can even be finished within 24 hours.

Professional Morality: Besides intensive training on professional knowledge and techniques, we pay more attention on the cultivation and regulation of our reporter’s justice morality, as we all know that accuracy of the information we provide is vital to our clients.

Strict Quality ControlOur quality control department reinvestigate every report very carefully to ensure our credit reports are made with the correct information and no violation of our disciplines .

Strict Confidentiality Measures: Our state-of-the-art computer systems, investigation terminal devices, and work flow ensure all the information is kept completely confidential to the third party.

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